What’s a “Mobile Responsive” Website (and How Do I Get One)?

What’s a “Mobile Responsive” Website (and How Do I Get One)?

We tell all of our clients their websites must be mobile responsive.  In fact, we won’t design a website that’s not.  But what does “mobile responsive” really mean?

what is a mobile responsive websiteIt’s a known fact that more people search online using their phones, tablets or other mobile devices than by using a desktop or laptop computer.  “Mobile responsive” means that your website automatically reconfigures itself for the ideal presentation on any size viewing screen.   It won’t be miniaturized on a phone screen or stretched on a tablet.   It will be at its optimum design and performance on every device.

There are more than a few things that need to be addressed to make your site mobile responsive:

  • Any calls to action should be easily visible near the top of the screen, rather than having to scroll too far down on smaller smart phone screens.
  • Prioritize what’s at the very top of any page. No matter what the screen size, items like contact info/buttons, login buttons, view cart buttons, etc. should be readily visible.
  • Incorporate auto-adjusting font sizes for any screen size and resolution.
  • Make all phone numbers click-to-call links for easy dialing directly from the smart phone.
  • Interactive components of your site should remain functional or change to non-interactive components on touch screens, to eliminate user frustration.
  • The website menu should be “thumb-navigable” for smart phones.
  • Pinching and zooming should never be necessary on a smaller device.
  • Never use tables for content layout.

When deciding on your platform for a mobile responsive website, take into consideration that some WordPress, Drupal and Joomla templates are mobile-ready out of the box, but may need customization.  If the program (or theme) is not mobile responsive, reprogramming of the website’s CSS is required.  In addition, be aware that many older HTML-based websites (non-CMS sites) must first be converted into a CMS for the best implementation of responsive design.

If your website is not yet mobile responsive and you’d like an evaluation of what it would take to make it that way, please call us at 410-638-9877.

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