Website Redesign for Holloway Eye Care & Optique

Website Redesign for Holloway Eye Care & Optique

Holloway Eye Care old websiteTaking a look at Holloway Eye Care & Optique’s original website from 2009 (also built by our team), one can easily see why it was in need of an update. Even though the site was built on a reliable platform (Adobe Business Catalyst) and had been converted to a mobile-responsive design in 2014, the site clearly had the look of a website built over seven years ago. Since part of Holloway Eye Care’s draw is their attention to creating a warm and welcoming boutique carrying the latest designer eyewear fashions, it was important that the somewhat dated look get a refresh. 

We started by converting the website into WordPress. This was done in hope that it would make the website easier for our client to maintain, especially when it comes to adding and removing semi-annual announcements regarding their big Designer Eyewear Trunk Shows. We also created a clean design that was much less cluttered and easier on the eye, with a decidedly softer color palette. The calls to action were re-evaluated and then built into the sliding images. Finally, the decision was made to highlight the various designers carried in the boutique, and make it easier for website visitors to use the site to find and get directions to the physical locations.

One unique aspect of this new website is the photography. Owner Judy Holloway stated early on that she would prefer to use all original photography on the website. We applaud this decision! Hopefully you will agree that it makes a big (and positive) difference in how the website presents the product lines and services offered. Kudos to BK Williams Photography in Bel Air MD for being so great and accommodating to work with, and for taking our suggestions for some of the photo styles we thought might work best on the website. Take a look below, or visit the website to see the final result!

newly redesigned website for Holloway Eye Care 

new website redesign highlights designer names