Website Redesign as Preparation for SEO

Website Redesign as Preparation for SEO

Every once in a while a client asks us to optimize their website through SEO, and upon inspection of the website, we recommend that the website get a redesign (or re-coding) first. There could be several reasons to suggest a website redesign for SEO, among them:

  • the website has poor conversion architecture (or a lack of any conversion architecture)
  • web code that causes the website to load slowly
  • no mobile responsive display (or poorly implemented mobile display)

Each of these makes it difficult for a website to perform at its best, no matter how much traffic we are able to drive to the website. As a result, we typically require that such issues be remedied prior to the start of any SEO work. This was the case with one of our newest clients, Sappari Solutions. They had a WordPress website that – while relatively attractive – loaded slowly and did not have proper conversion factors in place. Thankfully, company owner Nettie Owens was open to the suggestion to redesign and reprogram the site in order to better prepare it for a full-on SEO campaign.

Here is a shot of the original website:

Sappari Solutions old website before Focus 4 redesign

As you can see from the Contact Us button in the main menu, the menu display had some issues. This was even more apparent with the mobile display of the site. There was no contact information at the top of the website, and no real content visible above the fold because space was not used to best advantage. While the main image does have a prominent call to action (CTA), it was programmed as a blog display that included the date it was published, and the author – clearly not the ideal scenario.  To improve the chances that the website would convert as many visitors into customers as possible, we embarked on a mission to improve the website’s overall design and display issues, and put into place the means to track its effectiveness in our customer conversion efforts.  Here’s that new Home page:

A website redesigned for SEO purposes

What you can’t see here is that the three regions below the main image have hover actions attached to them, so that (for example) hovering over Virtual Organizing gives the visitor more information about that particular service.  The overall look and feel is much cleaner (more “organized”!), offers more prominent contact details and stronger social connections, and has a display that is optimized for all sizes of mobile screens.  Scrolling down, one also finds content about the company, CTAs to join the mailing list and virtual organizing program, and feeds for upcoming events, recent blog posts and Twitter posts…

Sappari Solutions website redesign for SEO

We are both eager to see how this new website presentation performs for Sappari Solutions, and willing to work with owner Nettie Owens to make changes if it does not perform up to our expectations. THAT is what true optimization is all about.