Website Performance: No Guarantees

Website Performance: No Guarantees

website satisfaction guarantee badgeI recently had a potential client ask me, “Do you guarantee your work?” While a valid question, a guarantee in this business is wide open to interpretation. In most instances, the client wants to hear a resounding, “YES,” but what he or she will ultimately interpret with a yes answer is that a new website will increase their business and impact the bottom line or they will get their money back. A website designer or SEO expert can’t (and shouldn’t) guarantee people will buy your product. We can provide the tools that will help sell your product – and we may even be able to guarantee a minimum amount of new visitors to your website through SEO and paid advertising each month – but we are not the people who will ultimately turn your leads into sales and close the deal.

As an important part of the marketing mix, your website should communicate your product or service to a certain audience. With captivating copy, impactful photos, informative data and easy navigation, a website can provide the platform for successful sales. A website developer’s job is to make sure you have all of these elements in your site. A good website developer will make recommendations on how you should communicate your business through electronic media. Like any kind of advertising, your website can increase awareness and offer a compelling call to action to bring customers in the door. But it can’t physically make them buy something. If the link, so to speak, between lead generation and lead conversion is broken, then there will be no ROI measurement.

To “guarantee” that leads will be converted is a huge step for a digital marketer. We can give you reports on impressions, click though rate (CTR) and even leads generated. And we can make recommendations on how to improve the numbers. From there, it’s in the hands of the sales team. Here at Focus 4 we do guarantee one thing: We will work until you are completely satisfied with your new website and the number of leads it generates for your business.

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