Website Objectives Make a Difference

Website Objectives Make a Difference

Designing a website is a big investment. It takes time, money and talent to make a successful site. Whether you hire a web design firm, an SEO firm or you do it yourself, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of your objectives for the site. If you don’t have a clear understanding and the ability to communicate your objectives to the people you hire, then you’ll be hard pressed to get a site that works for you.

objectivesIn addition, the platform that the web developer selects for use is predicated on your objectives. If you want to sell product online, the developer would use a different platform or software package than if you simply wanted to use your site as a marketing tool or to raise awareness. If you’re selling, then you need to have a secure way to accept payment through your site. You also need to have content that clearly explains the procedures for selling and buying.

Your content and navigation will also be the result of having clear objectives. Calls to action will differ based on your objectives. If you are simply positioning yourself as an online information source, you may have an ongoing blog, a testimonial page and “About Us” page. If you are hoping to convert leads to sales right on the site, you’ll need to have an easy path to the payment page.

Break your website into manageable chunks – either by topic, time or budget. Once you finish one section, move on to the next. You’ll feel victorious as you complete each group of activities. If you’re not sure what you need in online marketing, make an appointment with a marketing professional for a free consultation. Then, take that advice and figure out the best way to get it done.

Objective 1: What are my objectives?

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