Drafting a Privacy Policy for Your Website

website privacy policy made public

Do you have a privacy policy for your website? Even though it’s not legally required in the U.S. or Canada (it is over in Europe), it is highly recommended if your website collects data via cookies, contact forms, e-newsletter signups, etc. In addition, anyone doing business in California (and collecting…  

Help! My Website Is Down!

website down error message

It happens to almost every company at one time or another – either the website is down or the email system has difficulty. What’s the best way to get help quickly?  Here are a few easy check points: Website Is Down First, check to make sure your domain has not…  

Website Security – Who’s Responsible?

a very insecure lock indicating bad website security

You hear stories daily about online security breaches and website security issues. We at Focus 4 often live it. It’s a big part of any web-focused business, and we know what to do about it. In answer to the question above, we ALL share responsibility for website security, but the…  

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