The Changing Face of SEO – Are We Slaves to Google?

the changing face of SEO

SEO used to mean peppering your website copy with keywords you thought your target audience was searching. The more you mentioned the keywords, the higher you ranked in the Google rankings. Website copy was frequently “dumbed down” to repetitive sentences full of nonsense of very little interest. Then came the…  

Adding Video to Your Website is Strategic Digital Marketing

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If you’re thinking about adding video to your website, you’re on the right track. Web users love videos, so search engines love to give high ranks to websites with videos. Google owns YouTube, and YouTube has the second-most-used search engine in the world. You can potentially double your exposure by…  

Don’t Discount Keyword Research and Long-Tail Keywords

long tail keywords and keyword research

It’s true.  “Content is king” is the current trend in getting to the top of the Google search engine list. But don’t discount the importance of keywords and long-tail keywords as part of that content.  If keywords are carefully researched, you can determine what will likely draw the most traffic…  

8 Important Ways to Better Engage Website Visitors

updates to engage website visitors

Visitors are coming to your website and clicking the various pages.  Your Google Analytics information tells you that they’re clicking around but not staying on any one page very long.  Or, they are not heeding the calls to action you’ve strategically positioned throughout the site.  How can you engage website…  

2016 is The Year of Content Focused SEO (Again!)

content is king in content focused SEO

Content-focused SEO has finally catapulted to the top of the list in SEO tactics, and it promises to continue to be important throughout 2016. In reality, content-focused, semantic SEO has been in vogue for the last several years. Google and other search engines have de-emphasized specific keyword-driven content, despite the fact…  

Keeping it Current – The Importance of Fresh Content on Your Website

updated content

Keeping current on anything can be a challenge – bill paying, current events, technology – they all seem to change the minute we think we’ve got the latest and greatest.  So it goes with website content, as well.  We know that search engines reward websites that have fresh content regularly. …  

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