Advantages of Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

outsourcing social media

One of the biggest reasons small to medium-sized businesses don’t utilize social media as part of their marketing plans is because they don’t have the staff to keep up with it. These businesses are savvy enough to know that social media is an ongoing effort that requires response from the…  

Measuring the Results of a Digital Marketing Campaign

ruler measuring beyond expectations

You’ve invested in a digital marketing campaign. Maybe you hired an SEO company and bought banner ads on a media site. Maybe you geo-targeted a vertical market audience and sent an e-mail blast. Or, perhaps you added video to your website. Whatever you did, you know it is important to…  

Drafting a Privacy Policy for Your Website

website privacy policy made public

Do you have a privacy policy for your website? Even though it’s not legally required in the U.S. or Canada (it is over in Europe), it is highly recommended if your website collects data via cookies, contact forms, e-newsletter signups, etc. In addition, anyone doing business in California (and collecting…  

Website Security – Who’s Responsible?

a very insecure lock indicating bad website security

You hear stories daily about online security breaches and website security issues. We at Focus 4 often live it. It’s a big part of any web-focused business, and we know what to do about it. In answer to the question above, we ALL share responsibility for website security, but the…  

Bringing Your Website Into Focus – Step by Step Guide to Website Evaluation and Solutions

website evaluation

Evaluating your own website is often difficult to do, especially if you actually like your website.  While it may be hard to see the forest for the trees, you can still put on your objectivity glasses and try to look at your website honestly and with the mindset of your…  

Setting Expectations For Digital Marketing Campaigns

digital marketing expectations

Under-promise and over-deliver is the mantra of many savvy business people.  They temper expectations so that the results can only be positive.  What are your expectations for digital marketing?  How do you measure results? First, base expectations on how competitive the space is.  It typically takes four to six months to…  

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