Putting “Mobile First Design” First

example of mobile first website design

It’s a fact that more people view websites on mobile devices than on desktop computers. It would make sense, then, to begin designing a website with the optimal mobile display, and then allow the desktop display to be driven by the already-determined mobile display. This is called “mobile first design.”…  

HTML Website Converted into WordPress CMS – Harford Family House

website converted to Wordpress

Sometimes when we take on a new client, they have an older website built in HTML that is a pain for them to manage and update. Frequently, these websites are also not fully mobile. Such was the case with our clients at Harford Family House, based in Aberdeen, Maryland. As a non-profit, it…  

Focus 4 Announces New Website for Mattes Seafood

new website for Mattes Seafood

We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new (and first ever) website for our clients at Mattes Seafood, in Aberdeen, MD. Mattes Seafood has a long history of sourcing and delivering the freshest seafood to grocers and restaurants throughout Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, and southern New Jersey for…  

New e-Commerce Website for National Stormwater Center

NPDES new website launched January 2016

When we were contacted by local Bel Air company The National Stormwater Center to help with their website (NPDES.com), the problems with the existing website were mission-critical.  The site had been built by an individual who had since moved away, and no longer focused on website development or maintenance.  The administrative…  

Mobile-Ready Sites Outlast Apps Every Time

mobile websites vs mobile app

In about 75 percent of cases where a company asks us if we can develop an app for their company, what they really need is not an actual app, but a more fully mobile website.  When a company asks for a separate mobile website, what will most often serve them…  

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