Making Google Analytics Work for You

Google Analytics logo

The data you receive from Google Analytics is amazing. When you open your first few reports, you’re “wowed” by the details and stunned by the targeted results. It has a “cool” factor that can’t be denied. In reality, it doesn’t really matter how cool the information is. It’s what you…  

Bringing Your Website Into Focus – Step by Step Guide to Website Evaluation and Solutions

website evaluation

Evaluating your own website is often difficult to do, especially if you actually like your website.  While it may be hard to see the forest for the trees, you can still put on your objectivity glasses and try to look at your website honestly and with the mindset of your…  

How Successful Are Retargeting Ad Campaigns?

re-targeting ads, or online stalking?

Or, “If you were a retargeting ad campaign, would you choose to be charming or obnoxious?” Have you ever felt like you were being “stalked” on the internet by advertisers who know your surfing habits?  You’re Googling something online and up pops an ad for your favorite retail store.  Coincidence? …  

Setting Expectations for Digital Marketing Campaign Results

setting expectations for digital marketing results

Can digital marketing campaign results really equal profits?  When the digital marketing specialists come knocking with their millions of impressions and their sky-high click-through rates, what are they really promising in terms of results?  What are they actually delivering? Often, clients spend thousands of dollars on a digital marketing campaign…  

The Importance of Digital Marketing Reports

sample digital marketing report

Are you getting regular digital marketing reports to help track the results of your digital campaigns?  If you have a program in place, it should include a way to evaluate the success of the program through measurable results. Whether you have a digital marketing company, an SEO specialist or you DIY,…  

Setting Expectations For Digital Marketing Campaigns

digital marketing expectations

Under-promise and over-deliver is the mantra of many savvy business people.  They temper expectations so that the results can only be positive.  What are your expectations for digital marketing?  How do you measure results? First, base expectations on how competitive the space is.  It typically takes four to six months to…  

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