Social Sharing: The Business of Being Social

Social Sharing: The Business of Being Social

social sharing iconIf you want to make a bigger impact with your website and obtain a greater reach, give visitors the option to share your content. Make it easy by giving a little encouragement:   

  • Post social sharing options on every page of your website, particularly on blog posts.
  • Every once in a while, include a comment about sharing within your blog content, to remind readers that this practice is welcome.
  • Share your blog/website content yourself through various social media channels. Try a creative approach:
    • Use different snippets or quotes from the same article or blog post on each of several social sites. For example, put a photo or image on Pinterest, while sharing one quote on Facebook, and yet another quote on Twitter.
    • Do a little research on the types of posts that garnered a lot of shares or re-tweets and select your future shared content accordingly.
    • If possible, always include an image on Facebook posts. (If your website is programmed properly with Open Graph tags, it should automatically show the image for your blog post or web page when you enter the URL into the Facebook post.)
  • Be a resource for your followers and share items from other sources, not just your own website or blog. (Actually, you should only share your own content about 1/5 to 1/4 of the time for best results.)
  • If you have videos, encourage users to share them through their own channels when appropriate.
  • Post non-website items on your social media pages to create curiosity and encourage sharing.

Social sharing is used by a majority of web users, especially those on mobile devices. If you need help in utilizing social media for your business, contact us today.

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