The Importance of Social Sharing of Web Pages

The Importance of Social Sharing of Web Pages

social sharing is important online and offlineMom was right. It’s nice to share. This holds true especially in today’s digital age. Each time a website visitor shares your website content on social media, the search engines count it as a “vote of confidence” in your brand. It’s the digital equivalent of a good recommendation or a referral. Social sharing is critical to any good SEO campaign.

People will share your content in different ways. They will refer to it, talk about it, send links and make comments that most likely incorporate your key words. Because it’s third-party driven, any of these shared website references helps your SEO to appear more natural (than if all your SEO efforts are completely based on your website alone). It also appears more credible, because it’s a positive comment coming from someone other than you. In addition, search engines and web users both favor content that is shared. Again, it’s like getting a “personal recommendation” from a friend. Sharing of your website content can also signal to search engines that your content is in the category of especially interesting or informative, because most people only share something that is compelling to them.

To earn these valuable third party endorsements, be sure to make social sharing of your website content as easy as possible. Include social media buttons on your site. Have a comment section under your blog posts. Encourage people to share your content – and have a social sharing widget on each page to make it easy to do so. Most importantly, write content that is valuable and worthy of being shared.

You can get more ideas and best practices on social sharing from online news outlets and most blog sites, and of course, from Mom.

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