Short and Simple Website Copy

Short and Simple Website Copy

Keeping copy short and simple on your website can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Verbose writing can lead to more grammatical errors, rambling and just plain too much information. Say what you mean. Make it understandable. Keep it simple.

In some instances, a longer explanation may be needed – especially in the case of a highly technical product or service. Still, fewer words, wisely chosen, can convey the message. Despite the fact that search engines are now looking for 300 words or more per page, you can still deliver quality copy that’s succinct and meaningful. How?

typed_word_proofreadingandeditingUse shorter sentences. It will be more memorable. Format the text for easy reading. Use bullet points or short paragraphs. A page that is a single block of copy is of no interest to the average readers – give them a break with paragraph breaks! Use descriptive language that paints a clear picture.

Don’t repeat the same words too often in the copy. Key words are necessary, but use them sparingly and not too close together. Use quotations attributed to experts or testimonials from customers. The quotes add a friendliness to the story and visually break up the text. They also make your company seem more human.

Use subheads to divide your text – categorize in way that will make sense to the reader and seem organized and well thought-out. Add images that will also drive the point home – make them high quality and dramatic. (See last week’s post on dramatic photos). Short calls to action and social media posts are a “must.” They’ll make you stand out in the crowd.

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