SEO Pricing on the Rise?

SEO Pricing on the Rise?

Why does the price of search engine optimization seem to be increasing by the month?  Why does it seem like a huge expenditure with intangible results?

SEO is equal parts art and science.   What works for one client may not work for another.  While it is a bit of trial and error, there are several things that a good SEO company will do for its clients.  Those things take quite a bit of time from a web professional and include things like:

  • Verifying internet listings
  • Monitoring industry sites
  • Monitoring competitor sites
  • Monitoring Google Analytics and making recommendations and changes to your website based on results
  • Keeping up with Google Search Console and other sources for SEO requirements
  • Providing client reports on a monthly basis
  • Changing content to reflect and respond to the analysis

While many clients will see the value of having robust content on their site, they stop there.  They find themselves in the top search listings with the new website launch, and think they’ve struck gold.  No need to buy the SEO package, we’ve catapulted into the top 10 with our new site, right?  We can maintain the site ourselves and save a boatload of money.  Three months later, they drop in the rankings and have no idea why.

Years ago, our monthly SEO pricing started at $250/month for a basic plan.  In 2015 that would barely cover the time required to manage the tracking and reporting of results – leaving no time for the actual SEO work itself.  As a result, most legitimate SEO companies will charge a minimum of $600-$800/month, even for a very basic SEO plan in a mildly competitive market.  The more competitive the industry of the website being optimized, the higher that starting fee will be.

A good SEO package includes time-consuming, detail-oriented procedures that require a certain expertise and a true commitment.  It needs to be consistent.  It needs to be timely.  The results can be tangible – both in visitors to the website and in conversion to sales.  Let your SEO professional show you how, by making the commitment to more than just a new website.