Recharging Your Website Recharges Your Brand

Recharging Your Website Recharges Your Brand

Feeling like your website needs a little recharging or refreshing? It’s not uncommon for company owners, managers and employees who look at their website every single day to feel like it needs a facelift after two or three years. Of course, it’s not stale to first-time visitors, but it’s important to keep visitors coming back to your site. It’s also important to make sure your managers and employees are enthusiastic about the site and the brand that they represent. They are the first human faces of your company, just as your website is the first digital face. Making plans to re-charge your company through a website redesign every two to three years can benefit your company in many ways.

Repeat website visitors are critical to most businesses, and minor redesigns or website modifications every year help convince them that your company is paying attention – both to trends and to its customers. It shows them that your company is constantly striving to improve. Don’t be afraid to make minor adjustments to your site, and consider a complete overhaul every few years.

In addition, don’t fear logo changes. In today’s fast-paced digital world, the notion of a never-changing logo is outdated. A simple, minor change to your company’s logo every few years can actually let your customers know that your company is evolving with the times.  Minimal modifications like color changes, or adding or removing 3D effects such as bevels and drop shadows, can enhance the logo and your brand image. You can also make a change by simply switching the angle of the logo — from a horizontal logo layout to a more square or vertical layout. Tag lines are also popular areas of change, if timed strategically. For example, one of our clients, Everyman Theatre in Baltimore, changes their tagline with almost every season of shows to reflect the overall marketing/artistic theme for their season.

Most importantly, changing and refreshing your website and your brand image keeps you feeling good about your company and your brand. It keeps customers coming back to see what’s happening next!

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