Non-profit Website Developed as a “Sister Site”

Non-profit Website Developed as a “Sister Site”

Our clients at the National Stormwater Center ( advocate for compliance with the Clean Water Act by providing training and certification for stormwater inspectors nationwide. They recently incorporated a non-profit organization with the goal of training ordinary concerned citizens in the practice of reporting non-compliance, to improve the rate at which our local waterways can be remediated and cleaned. The organization is called Conservation Preservation Environmental, Inc. (CPE), and their new nonprofit website was just launched at

The strategy for this nonprofit website is to start by offering information on the new organization, and how concerned citizens will be able to help. Donations are being accepted (and solicited) from larger corporations and organizations that have a vested interest in keeping our local waterways clean of debris and pollutants. Individual community members are encouraged to donate also. All funds collected will go toward efforts to enforce Clean Water Act compliance in that local state or jurisdiction. Future parts of the website will be added to allow registered, trained citizens to upload photos of non-compliance along with a brief report of the location and situation, as well as the citizen training module, itself. Greater social media integration will also be incorporated into the website as interest grows.

Like many nonprofit organizations, CPE chose the robust and flexible WordPress CMS for their main website platform. The custom website design (or theme) was created specifically to very closely resemble the established website design, in order to establish the strong relationship between the goals of both the nonprofit and for-profit companies. The use of WordPress makes it very easy for the staff to make website updates and interact with website visitors in a manner that will encourage return visits to the website, and encourage citizens to register for the training and become advocates for clean waterways everywhere.

We encourage you to visit this new (fully mobile) website, read more about this organization, and submit their contact form to offer any feedback or suggestions. nonprofit website launch

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