Non-profit Website Redesign for MABHA

Non-profit Website Redesign for MABHA

The Maryland Association of Behavioral Health Authorities (MABHA) is a non-profit organization based in Frederick, MD. The organization has been a client of ours since 2010, after being referred to us by another client. It was previously called Maryland Association of Core Service Agencies (MACSA). In 2016 the organization changed its name and re-branded with a new logo, which Focus 4 helped to develop. Since the change of name was brought about because of changes in how the organization serves the community and its members, a newer, more modern, mobile responsive website was needed as well. Bring on the nonprofit website redesign!

MABHA’s mission is as follows: “The Maryland Association of Behavioral Health Authorities (MABHA) is the non-profit organization comprised of Maryland’s Core Service Agencies, Local Addictions Authorities, and Local Behavioral Health Authorities. Our agencies are responsible for planning, managing, and monitoring public behavioral health services at the county level. There is an agency to be of assistance in every county in the state and in Baltimore City.” Given the main audience of the website is employees at the member organizations, the old website had a “members only” section that required login to gain access to certain documents and resources. However, the director found that very few of these users would actually take the time to create a user account and log in. Instead, they would simply contact the director by phone or email. In an effort to reduce the director’s work load and improve usability, we suggested that the member login be eliminated (as long as the documents and resources were not private to the members only), and make links to those resources more prominently available.

The older website was developed and hosted on the closed Adobe Business Catalyst website CMS. Aside from the issue mentioned above, that website served the needs of the MACSA manager well. But it was somewhat limited in the customizations we were able to make for them, and offered a lot of options with the standard monthly hosting plan that the organization didn’t need or want. For the new MABHA, we proposed a conversion of the website into the easy-to-use WordPress CMS, with a mobile-first redesign.

Nonprofit website redesigns have become a standard offering for us since we work with so many nonprofits, and they often need their websites redesigned whenever a new director takes over. The director states, “Thank you and Chris for your work!! I am very happy with the site – all seems to be functioning as it should. It’s going well and our members are also very happy with the new site.” If you’re in need of a nonprofit website redesign, we encourage you to contact us

new nonprofit website redesign for MABHA

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