New Website for Tidewater Players

New Website for Tidewater Players

I’ve long been a participant in community theater, and one of the groups I’ve performed with the most is Tidewater Players, based in Havre de Grace Maryland.  (“The Community Theatre of Havre de Grace.”)  The group has had a website for several years now, and it’s taken a couple of different forms:

Circa 2008, a crude template website:

Tidewater Players website 2008-2011     Tidewater Players website 2008-2011

Circa 2012, built by Board Member and fellow performer Chad LaFleur:

Tidewater Players website 2011-2015

This theater season 92015-16), the group is in a transition year (which could actually last two years) while their performance venue, the Havre de Grace Opera House on Union Avenue, is being completely renovated. In an effort to keep patrons aware of their productions while not in this venue, as well as the construction progress on the building, they needed a more interactive website that could be updated more easily as news becomes available.  They also wanted better integration of social media, better photo galleries to showcase their performances, and a blog to better engage their regular patrons and visitors.  The new website, launched just this past January, offers all that and more, built on the popular and versatile WordPress CMS platform.  It is also (finally!) completely mobile-ready.  The group is still in the process of adding content and photos, but the beauty of this new website is that it makes it super easy for them to do so without “webmaster” help!  See the screen shots below of the (partial) desktop display, or just visit the website here.

Tidewater Players new website 2016


While I’m writing, I should mention that they are currently looking for sponsors to help them get through this “homeless” period, and to help them prepare for their first season once back in their permanent home.  If you are local to Harford County and love theater and the arts as much as I do, I certainly hope you will consider becoming a sponsor like we have here at Focus 4.

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