New e-Commerce Website for National Stormwater Center

New e-Commerce Website for National Stormwater Center

When we were contacted by local Bel Air company The National Stormwater Center to help with their website (, the problems with the existing website were mission-critical.  The site had been built by an individual who had since moved away, and no longer focused on website development or maintenance.  The administrative users at the Stormwater Center were new to the company and had never been fully trained on the maintenance of the website, and the e-commerce on the site was broken, requiring all purchases (course registrations) to be entered manually by Stormwater Center staff each day.  To add to this, the website was not mobile-responsive, making navigation on mobile devices difficult or cumbersome, at best.

In essence, the website was hurting the business more than it was helping.

After careful consultation with business manager Michele Lomax, we were able to come up with a solution that would make managing the website on a daily basis much easier, fix the e-commerce issues, make the site fully responsive to all screen sizes (mobile-ready), and dramatically improve the website’s usability and navigation.  We worked with Michele to create improved calls-to-action, in an effort to improve conversion rates for the website, as well.

The result?  Last month we launched their new website on the Wordpress platform.  Their courses are already getting new registrations through the website, and the staff has already been trained on how to update the website content and add new courses when needed.  The site utilizes a calendar plugin that is fully integrated with both the e-commerce plugin and their payment processor.  And since we realize that all websites are “living documents” that require constant attention, we continue to work with Michele and her team to further improve the system for both in-house use and for their website visitors.


Here’s the new website, with an additional image showing the mobile display:

NPDES new website launched January 2016


NPDES new website mobile display

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