Dramatic Pictures for Your Website

Dramatic Pictures for Your Website

A picture may be worth a thousand words, or it may be worth its weight in gold.  On your website, if it captures even one client, it has proven its worth.  What pictures will deliver the best results?  Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Pictures should illustrate a point – they should work in tandem with the written content.  Sometimes they will stand alone with a brief caption, and other times they will support the copy.
  • Dramatic photos work wonders.  The difference between a dramatic picture and an average one isn’t just the size.  It’s the camera angle, the lighting, the differentiation.
  • Head shots are typical, and are often expected.  People want to see the management team or who is behind the scenes.  If you can incorporate casual or action shots of the people in the company, it will make the website feel friendly.
  • Use close-ups of parts of a product for dramatic effect.  For example, if one of the product’s features is a sharp blade, a close-up at an unwieldy angle can be very attention-getting.
  • Dramatic shots also elicit emotion.  Choose pictures that make you gasp, or that make you feel like you want to grab what’s in the photo.
  • Above all else, use high quality photos.  Poor image quality equals a poor image for your company.

Add dramatic images to postsNot sure where to find the dramatic images you need?  If you cannot take them yourself or hire a photographer, the next best thing is to purchase stock images and edit them into something that will speak uniquely to your target audience.  Stock photo sites like iStockPhoto.com and 123RF.com are popular, but there are many more out there.  Just be sure to edit them whenever possible so that no one will ever find that same exact image somewhere else on the web. (Be sure to check the licensing rights upon purchase to make sure the image can be edited and re-published legally.)

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