The Importance of Digital Marketing Reports

The Importance of Digital Marketing Reports

Are you getting regular digital marketing reports to help track the results of your digital campaigns?  If you have a program in place, it should include a way to evaluate the success of the program through measurable results. Whether you have a digital marketing company, an SEO specialist or you DIY, you need to know how you’re doing, right?

sample digital marketing reportData for these reports can – and should – come from multiple sources, since no single source is 100 percent accurate.  The most common is Google Analytics visitor data.  You can (and should!) set up Google Analytics to track specific goals on your website.  For example, you can look at the number of contact forms submitted, the number of forms started but not actually submitted, the number of clicks on specific calls to action, etc.  You can monitor the bounce rate and the page paths of those who click through your site.  Google Analytics allows you access to lots of visitor information that you night not even think would be useful.  If you’re not a Google fan, then there are other analytic platforms available.  Go to

While keyword rankings are no longer as important as they once were, it can be helpful to track some keyword data.  There are several paid and free platforms available for this purpose.  Visit guide.

Good SEO tracking platforms should compile data from social media such as social posts, shares/re-tweets, likes, mentions, etc.  If you are doing Online Reputation Management (ORM), we’d suggest using a commercially available platform to monitor the web for both positive and negative reviews on several popular platforms, such as Yelp, YellowPages online, Google Reviews, etc.  Most of these platforms can also assist you in securing more real customer reviews throughout the web by soliciting them from your customers as a third party.

It’s wise to track data on any A/B testing you may do for your website’s design and/or CTAs.  Expect to collect data for a minimum of four to six months (depending on your website traffic volume) before you start making any decisions and changes.  It is important to have sufficient data before taking action, but do use the data for making decisions about your future digital marketing programs!

If you currently have no regular digital marketing reporting platform and would like to discuss how Focus 4 can help, please contact us for a brief no-obligation consultation.

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