2016 is The Year of Content Focused SEO (Again!)

2016 is The Year of Content Focused SEO (Again!)

content is king in content focused SEOContent-focused SEO has finally catapulted to the top of the list in SEO tactics, and it promises to continue to be important throughout 2016. In reality, content-focused, semantic SEO has been in vogue for the last several years. Google and other search engines have de-emphasized specific keyword-driven content, despite the fact that many websites out there are still basing content and SEO evaluation on repetitive key words.

Search engines are looking for content that shows variety, regularity, freshness and engagement. It should be geared to your visitors and their habits, but we know that search engines typically favor content that is about 300 words or more on a specific topic. It’s smart to include outbound links to related material.

What Constitutes Content-Focused SEO?

Variety –Your website should include blogs, web pages, videos, images, social content/posts and pdf documents. The search engines are looking for things that will actually be useful to website visitors.

RegularityContent needs to be updated on a consistent basis. If you have a variety of content, this should be relatively easy to do. Get on a regular schedule of blogging – say, two times a month at the least. Or, add new images or video at least once a month.

Freshness – Content should be fresh – in all senses of the word. Fresh can be new and up-to-date, unusual or even renewed. It can also mean a bit cheeky or witty. Regardless, keeping it fresh will keep visitors coming back.

Engagement – Search engines seem to favor content that engages the user, and invites them to do something, like clicking, commenting or taking a survey. Search engines can also easily index the type of content that frequently appeals to web users, including white papers, how-to documents and videos, top 10 lists, recipes, photo galleries, event listings or infographics (if properly optimized). These can be shared on social media, another item among the top SEO criteria, and a key form of engagement.

Remember, content is still king, and visitor engagement is one of the keys to successful digital marketing in all of its forms!

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