Choosing Your Website Color Scheme

Choosing Your Website Color Scheme

website-color-trends-2016What color is your website?  Do the colors influence visitor behavior?  Did you choose them strategically?  Should they, and should you?

First, think about the colors you chose for your website.  They likely came from your logo or a “trend-setting” designer who may have been working on your website at the time.  Popular colors in any given season usually come from fashion trends and textiles.  According to color experts this year, there are two prevalent colors:  rose quartz and serenity.  They are pastels, and they have evoked a trend toward water color styles.  These two colors, along with eight others, have emerged this year in the design industry to promote a calming effect.  The designers want people to be in a more tranquil state of mind, so they are encouraging relaxation, and using colors to accompany that idea. 

If your business doesn’t lend itself to relaxation, look toward playful color groups like oranges and bright blues.  Peach Echo, a shade of peach, is one option from the vibrant orange family.  Snorkel Blue puts an energetic twist on blues.  Reds are traditionally used to connote movement and activity – if you notice, many fast-food restaurants are decorated in reds and oranges.  If you want your website to connote energy and movement, then these are your color palettes.

Changing Your Website’s Color Scheme

Remember also that your website is a living document that should evolve over time.  Along with the addition of new functionality, and changes to layout and calls to action as you hone in on the part of the website that users tend to flock to, it’s also wise to consider changes to your website color scheme every couple of years.  If the website was designed with this sort of change in mind from the start, a color palette change need not require huge expense or effort.  And you’ll be amazed at the dramatic impact a simple change of one or two colors can have on the overall feel of your website.

No matter what you choose, your website color scheme should complement your business and your tastes.  It’s part of your image, and sometimes, it may be the only image someone gets.  Make it a vivid one!