Social Sharing: The Business of Being Social

social sharing icon

If you want to make a bigger impact with your website and obtain a greater reach, give visitors the option to share your content. Make it easy by giving a little encouragement:    Post social sharing options on every page of your website, particularly on blog posts. Every once in…  

What’s a “Mobile Responsive” Website (and How Do I Get One)?

mobile responsive website example

We tell all of our clients their websites must be mobile responsive.  In fact, we won’t design a website that’s not.  But what does “mobile responsive” really mean? It’s a known fact that more people search online using their phones, tablets or other mobile devices than by using a desktop…  

Local SEO – Yes, It Still Works

localized SEO still works

If you want to get more localized business from your website, try a little “local SEO” by sprinkling your site with appropriate (and legitimate) geographic references.  You can do this in the content and design, as well as in your listings on website directories. An easy first step is to incorporate…  

How Successful Are Retargeting Ad Campaigns?

re-targeting ads, or online stalking?

Or, “If you were a retargeting ad campaign, would you choose to be charming or obnoxious?” Have you ever felt like you were being “stalked” on the internet by advertisers who know your surfing habits?  You’re Googling something online and up pops an ad for your favorite retail store.  Coincidence? …  

The Best Business Uses for Social Media Platforms

best social media for businesses

Many businesses think they should utilize social media, but they simply don’t know where to start.  Their heads are spinning as they calculate the people power required to keep up with social media — posting all the news there is to post, monitoring social media for relevant content, answering all…  

Mobile-Ready Sites Outlast Apps Every Time

mobile websites vs mobile app

In about 75 percent of cases where a company asks us if we can develop an app for their company, what they really need is not an actual app, but a more fully mobile website.  When a company asks for a separate mobile website, what will most often serve them…  

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