Website Performance: No Guarantees

website satisfaction guarantee badge

I recently had a potential client ask me, “Do you guarantee your work?” While a valid question, a guarantee in this business is wide open to interpretation. In most instances, the client wants to hear a resounding, “YES,” but what he or she will ultimately interpret with a yes answer…  

Measuring the Results of a Digital Marketing Campaign

ruler measuring beyond expectations

You’ve invested in a digital marketing campaign. Maybe you hired an SEO company and bought banner ads on a media site. Maybe you geo-targeted a vertical market audience and sent an e-mail blast. Or, perhaps you added video to your website. Whatever you did, you know it is important to…  

Making Google Analytics Work for You

Google Analytics logo

The data you receive from Google Analytics is amazing. When you open your first few reports, you’re “wowed” by the details and stunned by the targeted results. It has a “cool” factor that can’t be denied. In reality, it doesn’t really matter how cool the information is. It’s what you…  

Bringing Your Website Into Focus – Step by Step Guide to Website Evaluation and Solutions

website evaluation

Evaluating your own website is often difficult to do, especially if you actually like your website.  While it may be hard to see the forest for the trees, you can still put on your objectivity glasses and try to look at your website honestly and with the mindset of your…  

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