The Best Business Uses for Social Media Platforms

The Best Business Uses for Social Media Platforms

best social media for businessesMany businesses think they should utilize social media, but they simply don’t know where to start.  Their heads are spinning as they calculate the people power required to keep up with social media — posting all the news there is to post, monitoring social media for relevant content, answering all the questions from followers and even attracting followers.  It can by paralyzing, so they end up doing nothing at all.  So what are the best business uses for social media?

Companies don’t need to do everything on social media.  In fact, it’s better to have a strategy that targets the right social media in relation to the company’s goals.  The first goal should be that social media works for them, not that they work to embrace all the social media.  Strategic businesses should ask, “Which medium is best for the type of communications my customers want?”

Collaboration:  Google hangout and other Google platforms are very effective for meetings and webinars, as well as document sharing.  They allow a variety of ways to communicate in real time.

Promotional Use:  Facebook has a proven track record for effective communication from businesses to consumers.  Regular updates on a Facebook page and Facebook ads have worked for small and large businesses alike.  Keep in mind that not all of your followers will see all of your posts in their news feed; therefore, it is OK to repeat important news more than once in a 2-5 day period.  Twitter is also excellent for getting the word out quickly about a promotion or announcement.

B2B discussions:  LinkedIn is the best audience for these types of communication, but it requires the user to be truly engaged and active on LinkedIn.  Users of this platform tend to gravitate toward others who participate and contribute frequently, as opposed to only occasionally.

Images:  Pinterest is a great platform for businesses that thrive on images – whether it’s crafty ideas using your product or photos of chef’s specials for a restaurant, the audience on Pinterest wants to see what it looks like.  They’ll pin it, share it and save it, giving your picture an endless life span.

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