Nonprofit Website Redesign for DoC Ministry

new nonprofit website redesign for DoCM, 2016

Focus 4 was honored recently to be asked to assist with a nonprofit website redesign project for Daughters of Christ Ministry, based in North Carolina.  This was a joint project with Elite Coders LLC, another Harford County web development company.  George Handlin of Elite Coders knew that one of his…  

Drafting a Privacy Policy for Your Website

website privacy policy made public

Do you have a privacy policy for your website? Even though it’s not legally required in the U.S. or Canada (it is over in Europe), it is highly recommended if your website collects data via cookies, contact forms, e-newsletter signups, etc. In addition, anyone doing business in California (and collecting…  

Putting “Mobile First Design” First

example of mobile first website design

It’s a fact that more people view websites on mobile devices than on desktop computers. It would make sense, then, to begin designing a website with the optimal mobile display, and then allow the desktop display to be driven by the already-determined mobile display. This is called “mobile first design.”…  

Adding Video to Your Website is Strategic Digital Marketing

Vimeo logo

If you’re thinking about adding video to your website, you’re on the right track. Web users love videos, so search engines love to give high ranks to websites with videos. Google owns YouTube, and YouTube has the second-most-used search engine in the world. You can potentially double your exposure by…  

Help! My Website Is Down!

website down error message

It happens to almost every company at one time or another – either the website is down or the email system has difficulty. What’s the best way to get help quickly?  Here are a few easy check points: Website Is Down First, check to make sure your domain has not…  

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