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Color Psychology and Marketing

Have you ever wondered why you get so hungry whenever you pass a McDonald’s sign? Or why you feel so calm looking at a blue design? Well, this isn’t just a coincidence – this is called Color Psychology. Marketers have been using this technique for decades, and they know exactly…  

Advantages of Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

outsourcing social media

One of the biggest reasons small to medium-sized businesses don’t utilize social media as part of their marketing plans is because they don’t have the staff to keep up with it. These businesses are savvy enough to know that social media is an ongoing effort that requires response from the…  

Website Performance: No Guarantees

website satisfaction guarantee badge

I recently had a potential client ask me, “Do you guarantee your work?” While a valid question, a guarantee in this business is wide open to interpretation. In most instances, the client wants to hear a resounding, “YES,” but what he or she will ultimately interpret with a yes answer…  

Just Like “Fake News,” There Are Also Fake Domain Renewal Notices

domain renewal scam iDNS

Some of our clients recently received postal (snail) mail about domain renewals, and forwarded them to me to make sure they were legitimate. Turns out they were a total scam. You should always check with your web consultant before taking action on anything mailed to you either by e-mail or…  

Measuring the Results of a Digital Marketing Campaign

ruler measuring beyond expectations

You’ve invested in a digital marketing campaign. Maybe you hired an SEO company and bought banner ads on a media site. Maybe you geo-targeted a vertical market audience and sent an e-mail blast. Or, perhaps you added video to your website. Whatever you did, you know it is important to…  

The Changing Face of SEO – Are We Slaves to Google?

the changing face of SEO

SEO used to mean peppering your website copy with keywords you thought your target audience was searching. The more you mentioned the keywords, the higher you ranked in the Google rankings. Website copy was frequently “dumbed down” to repetitive sentences full of nonsense of very little interest. Then came the…  

Social Sharing: The Business of Being Social

social sharing icon

If you want to make a bigger impact with your website and obtain a greater reach, give visitors the option to share your content. Make it easy by giving a little encouragement:    Post social sharing options on every page of your website, particularly on blog posts. Every once in…  

Making Google Analytics Work for You

Google Analytics logo

The data you receive from Google Analytics is amazing. When you open your first few reports, you’re “wowed” by the details and stunned by the targeted results. It has a “cool” factor that can’t be denied. In reality, it doesn’t really matter how cool the information is. It’s what you…  

Website Redesign for Holloway Eye Care & Optique

newly redesigned website for Holloway Eye Care

Taking a look at Holloway Eye Care & Optique’s original website from 2009 (also built by our team), one can easily see why it was in need of an update. Even though the site was built on a reliable platform (Adobe Business Catalyst) and had been converted to a mobile-responsive…  

What to Expect From Your SEO Company

website traffic rising not most important

There’s a wealth of information out there on SEO, or search engine optimization. It’s not just about using key words in the right places any more. It’s much more involved and complicated. And while increased website traffic is good, assuming more visitors will lead to new business can be dangerous….