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What Does It Take to be Successful in Digital Marketing?

If there was an easy answer to this question, more people would be sunning themselves on the beaches of Hawaii right now, rather than reading web pages about how to develop successful digital marketing strategies. In all honesty, the answer to this question is a little different for each business – because we all bring different histories, skills, and team members to the digital table. But in general, you can count on the following to make a significant, positive impact on the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts:

  1. Create an attractive, engaging, content-filled website that is optimized for all sizes of viewing screens (mobile ready). Make sure that website has calls to action on every page, and has been thoroughly mapped out with structured funnels that all lead to a targeted, specific action you want your visitor to take.
  2. Employ modern search engine optimization (SEO) methods that have proven to be successful and don’t go against the major search engines’ guidelines. Participate in paid search advertising, Facebook advertising, banner advertising, remarketing advertising, and any other strategies that are appropriate for your industry. Develop an inbound (content) marketing strategy to implement over the next 12 months – all with the goal of driving as many targeted visitors to your website as possible.
  3. Participate in social media as much as your brand or industry will allow. Encourage website visitors to share your content with their networks. Follow and share the content of your business partners and customers with your own network. Send out email newsletters regularly to re-engage your past customers. In short, become engaged with your customer base and interact with them frequently.
  4. Finally, while doing all of the above, put tools and metrics in place to measure the results of your efforts. Without measurement, there can be no improvement – and the goal of all marketing efforts should be to constantly improve. If your goal is profit, work toward maximizing it. If your goal is to increase membership, or raise donations, or get volunteers… set specific goals and don’t stop refining your efforts until you get there.

In the end, success in digital marketing will be measured by the determination and persistence of those involved in the process, and making sure the right tools are in place to keep track of any results and improvements.

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