Measure Progress and Refine Results

This is no guessing game.
Put systems in place to measure website effectiveness and make improvements.

How do you measure your website’s success?

Some folks are still using some rather old criteria such as “hits” or even page views. We measure website success with more meaningful metrics: the number of newsletter signups, social shares, completed contact forms, quote request forms, appointment requests, and orders placed on our clients’ websites. These metrics can all be tracked using readily available tools (some even free, a-la Google Analytics and Google Search Console).

Website? Or Lead Generation Machine?

So how do you turn a website that’s currently no more than an online brochure into a tool that actually generates regular leads and sale for your business? We start by looking at how well your website is built, and identify any programming or page speed issues that could be holding it back. We then look at things like the calls-to-action (if they exist) and how effective they may be at leading potential customers to take the ultimate action of doing business with you. We then track as many website visitor interactions as we possibly can – through a host of measurement tools – to determine which parts/pages of your website are performing well, and which ones need attention. Finally, we work with you to make changes in order to optimize the number of conversions your website generates for you.

If you’re not sure how to track these conversion factors for your own web presence, talk to you web master or contact us to set up a consultation. We aim to turn all of our clients’ websites into lean, mean, lead generation (and sales) machines.