Small Business Website Development

That Facebook page may be free, but
are you really going to let that be your main web presence?

The needs of small businesses that offer services instead of online products are unique in that the goal of the website is not to generate sales, per se, but rather to generate new business leads. New business leads generated through the Internet are typically a result of an online estimate request form, quote form, online calculator (to illustrate investment payback of cost analysis), or even a simple contact form submission.

The catch is this: How do you lead your website visitors to take the actions necessary to fill out such forms, or to otherwise contact you?

The answer? Good, strategic website conversion architecture:

  1. Identify the most important items or services you offer (could be most popular OR most profitable!).
  2. Identify the specific target market most likely to purchase those products or services.
  3. Determine the specific actions those specific website visitors must take on your website to get them closer to buying (get a free estimate, visit a coupon page, see this month’s specials, try our online investment/mortgage/payment calculator, fill out our contact form, or even “call now”).
  4. Create “funnels” or paths that each of those targeted website visitors should take to lead them to the final actions listed above (i.e., Home page >> read a list of services >> go to the estimate form >> submit the form >> sign up for e-mail newsletter).
  5. Create images and text on EVERY PAGE of your website that are intended for at least one of those specific targeted website visitors, and will encourage them to follow your intended path toward that ultimate goal.
  6. Optimize the user experience for those who access your website on their tablets and mobile phones by making sure your website is mobile-responsive.

Many business owners (and web developers) take for granted that website visitors will follow an intended path, and fail to put the factors in place to lead them there. At Focus 4, we feel that’s leaving a lot to chance – and it’s a chance we are not willing to take with our clients. We design small business websites with measurable lead generation in mind, from our initial consultation with you, through the website development process, to implementation, evaluation and analysis of your website user behavior and activity.

Contact us today to see how we can convert your current website from an online brochure into a lead generating online marketing tool – one that actually provides a return on your website investment!

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