Membership Website Development

Making it easy for your members to stay informed an involved.

A membership website is a website for a membership group or organization. Generally, a membership website has two audiences: the organization itself, and people outside of the organization. A membership website will generally include some basic information about its organization for outsiders. It will also include information that is intended for its member audience. Sometimes this information will be “members only” and will be hidden from users who are not members — usually through a user login system.

Why Membership Website Development is Different

membership website development - join todayMembership websites are important both for the recruitment of new members, and for keeping current members updated with the latest information and news. So membership website development must take into account these unique needs. Sites must make it easy for members to log in and access frequently needed content on all screens, particularly mobile devices. Often membership websites will include a list or calendar of recent and/or upcoming events, and photo galleries of past events. Some membership websites will include downloadable copies of the “minutes” from their latest meeting. It is critical that the website be built on a modern content management system (or CMS) in order to be easily updated by members of the organization itself.

Here are just a few of the membership websites we’ve developed. Note that all of these are maintained entirely by the organization itself, with little or no help from Focus 4.

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