Responsive Website Design & Development

We'll make you look your best on any size screen.

At Focus 4, we make a promise to every one of our website design clients.

That promise is to deliver a website that…

  1. Addresses your business needs and objectives
  2. HTML 5 logoIs attractive and appealing to your target market
  3. Is fully responsive for all mobile devices
  4. Meets or exceeds current web standards
  5. Contains calls-to-action that encourage visitors to purchase or contact you
  6. Is easy for you to update and maintain on your own (if desired)
  7. Collects data to help you (and us) determine its overall effectiveness

It’s also important to include the best practices associated with Conversion Architecture. Conversion Architecture takes into account the typical personas of your target market, their buying and search habits, how you want them to interact with your website, how your website fits into your overall marketing plans, and the website design principles that lead visitors to take the actions you want them to take. With our strategic consultation before and during the website design and development phase, this is exactly what you get when you work with our team.

Every Website is Fully Mobile Responsive

With nearly fifty percent of all website visits coming from mobile devices, mobile-responsiveness is no longer an option. In fact, we would argue that most websites today should be built with mobile viewing as the primary concern. That’s why we build all of our websites using the best practices in mobile-responsive design. Those best practices? Make certain that…

  • mobile responsive website exampleEvery phone number is a click-to-call link
  • No text or navigation is too small to read or click (requires zooming)
  • All navigation can be easily “clicked” by the visitor’s thumb when viewing single-handed on smart phones
  • All – or at least most – of the content from your desktop website is available on the mobile version
  • Images re-size according to screen size, and load quickly
  • Any interactive website features that are not mobile-friendly are removed or hidden from mobile visitors
  • The items used most frequently by your mobile visitors appear closer to the top of the screen

These may all seem very commonsense. But most pre-made website templates, and even many custom-designed websites, seem to ignore one or more of these, making the mobile visitor experience less than optimal. Our mission is to make sure every website has a great mobile presentation, and provides optimal ease of use.

Every Website is Built on a CMS – And You Get the Keys to Drive It

Whether your website contains interactive call-to-action buttons, a frequently updated events calendar, a special section for business or industry announcements, monthly newsletters, Wordpress logoa full-featured blog, or any other interactive content, you need to have the freedom to update at any time. That’s why all Focus 4 websites are built using WordPress or one of several other content management system (CMS) platforms, and also why we create a custom website maintenance guide for every client. We even include up to 90 minutes of individualized training on how to update and maintain your new website. That way, your website is truly yours, and you’ve got the keys to drive it.

Of course, if you’d rather keep us in the driver’s seat and just worry about running your business, that’s fine, too. Affordable monthly or hourly contracted website maintenance services are always available.

Affordable Website Design is Just the Beginning

We know that when it comes to building a website, affordability and efficiency are top concerns. The Focus 4 team uses their 15+ years of experience to deliver affordable business-class websites to businesses without cutting corners.

More importantly, we recognize (as we hope you will) that building a website is just the beginning of the digital marketing process. Focus 4 will work with you in the months after your new website is launched, to make certain that it’s doing what we intended – helping to drive revenue and profitability for your business.

Learn more about the types of websites we’ve developed for our clients:

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