E-mail Marketing

Tried and true. And still effective.

Email marketing is a great way to drive customers back to your website. Sending out an e-newsletter periodically reminds customers about your business and encourages them to re-engage with your brand to see what’s new.

You should use your e-newsletter to inform customers about special deals that you are offering, articles of information pertaining to your business, and events that you may be hosting.

You can even set up periodic reminder emails after a customer has purchased an item on your website. Perhaps 3 months after they purchase something, send them an email about new merchandise that you are now offering that wasn’t available when they first made their purchase. Or perhaps after 6 months, offer a special coupon to encourage them to come back to buy something.

Focus 4 offers e-newsletters and email marketing as an option when you set up a website with us. We will set up your email address database and set up a customized email newsletter template tailored just for your business, and based on the look and feel of your main website.

Don’t forget that you can create different types of email lists: lists of prospective customers, past customers, business affiliates, and more. If you keep different types of email lists, you’ll be able to more easily create e-newsletters tailored to each group of people.