Encourage Brand Engagement

Get engaged... with your customers.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Customer Engagement

How do people engage with your brand? How do they engage with your company?

For a lot of businesses, brand engagement seems to be a “wish list” item that they hope for while implementing advertising campaigns to get fast sales. In today’s online landscape, and especially with the advent of social media, “fast sales” have given way to “researched purchases.” How do your potential customers do their research on your products and services? Via social media and reviews on other websites.

Social Media Marketing and Reviews

To get these potential customers engaged with your brand, you must not only have a presence on the social sites (and reviews websites) where these people hang out, you must be part of their conversations. If you run a hair salon and see someone posting on Facebook that they are looking for a new hair stylist (and asking for suggestions from their friends), wouldn’t it make sense to be part of that discussion? Strategic participation in Facebook can make that real, but you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to be ready when it happens. The same is true for LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social sites. Social media marketing is all about being there for your target audience at just the right time.

Want good reviews for your business is the local search results? Experience shows that companies that both encourage reviews from their customers and respond to those reviews (both good and bad) are more likely that have a higher number of reviews. Each person who leaves a review (again, good or bad) is engaging with your brand. Be there to make sure that engagement is a positive experience for them.

Social Sharing

Social media marketing is not just about what’s going on on your own Facebook or LinkedIn page. It’s about who’s out there talking about your brand, sharing your products with their friends and family. It’s about the number of people who, seeing a post about your company or product, hit the “like”, “re-tweet” or “share this” buttons. Every business website should incorporate social sharing options on its pages to make it as easy as possible for website visitors to share your news, events, products, services and professional knowledge vie whatever social platforms they want.

E-Newsletters Are Not Dead

Another way to build brand engagement is through regular e-newsletters and other periodic e-communications. Building a good opt-in email database of both customers and potential customers is a great way to encourage subsequent purchases, and sharing of your news with friends and family members who might be in the market for your services. E-mail marketing still ranks relatively high among some of the largest businesses in the world for keeping previous customers engaged with their brand enough to buy again – or to encourage first-time buyers who may be on the fence to move in your direction. 

Partnerships and Associations