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It’s easy to get overwhelmed with web marketing.  The company website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, mobile, hashtags, blogs, citations, directories, SEO, PPC, content marketing… these are just some of the things the savvy business owner or marketing department manages on a daily basis.  It’s hard to stay focused.

That’s where Focus 4 Digital Marketing comes in.  With over 15 years of experience in Internet marketing, building and managing well over 100 websites, we’ve developed processes and systems to make your job easier – letting you run your business – while we manage your online marketing and maintain the focus for you.

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Latest Posts

Social Sharing: The Business of Being Social

social sharing icon

If you want to make a bigger impact with your website and obtain a greater reach, give visitors the option to share your content. Make it easy by giving a little encouragement:    Post social sharing options on every page of your website, particularly on blog posts. Every once in…  

Making Google Analytics Work for You

Google Analytics logo

The data you receive from Google Analytics is amazing. When you open your first few reports, you’re “wowed” by the details and stunned by the targeted results. It has a “cool” factor that can’t be denied. In reality, it doesn’t really matter how cool the information is. It’s what you…  

Website Redesign for Holloway Eye Care & Optique

newly redesigned website for Holloway Eye Care

Taking a look at Holloway Eye Care & Optique’s original website from 2009 (also built by our team), one can easily see why it was in need of an update. Even though the site was built on a reliable platform (Adobe Business Catalyst) and had been converted to a mobile-responsive…  

What to Expect From Your SEO Company

website traffic rising not most important

There’s a wealth of information out there on SEO, or search engine optimization. It’s not just about using key words in the right places any more. It’s much more involved and complicated. And while increased website traffic is good, assuming more visitors will lead to new business can be dangerous….  

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